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Robbie Thompson (w), Stacey Lee (p), Stacey Lee (i). Silk #1 … The three of them travel to the labs location, which unbeknownst to them is part of a trap for Silk by a villain called Fang. [3] She was a member of the Spider-Army / Web-Warriors and Agents of Atlas. The entire incident ends with a depowered Electro and a missing Black Cat. She is portrayed by Tiffany Espensen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She was bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his powers. [12] After Spider-Man of Earth-90214 was badly injured, Silk and Spider-Woman take him back to Earth-90214 so that he can recuperate. The newly summoned heroes are less than pleased for being taken out of their previous battle, but Pele quickly puts a stop to the infighting, warning the group that Sindr plans to melt the polar ice caps if they don't work together. Collecting the first two chapters of the Infinite Comic series. Writers: Robbie Thompson. Cindy, as a result of her Earth-65 counterpart's defamation, earns more of Black Cat's trust to gain deeper intelligence of her criminal operation, still intending to complete her mission and get whatever S.H.I.E.L.D. [34] After Sindr threatens to summon a volcano in the middle of the city and kill millions of innocents, Brawn teleports Atlas and their new allies away from the battle, allowing Sindr to peacefully annex South Korea Brawn eventually summons the Chinese heroes Sword Master and Aero, Filipina heroine Wave, and the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire and Volcanoes Pele from Shanghai to help assist in the fight against Sindr. Mattie helps Cindy deal with Hector who reverts to his ghostly form after his cloned body disintegrates. As a result, the young teenager gains amazing powers and becomes Spider-Man. co.vu | Get a Free Domain for your crazy idea Woo reveals to all that for thousands of years, ancient dragons have served as advisors for human rulers, with the Atlas Foundation having its own dragon, Mr. Lao, serving him as well. academy. Silly and fun and actually full of heart. Despite given the chance to surrender, Sindr flees using the Black Bifrost, only for Silk and the others to follow her with Brawn's teleporter, where they help Captain Marvel defeat her and her remaining forces at the Great Wall of China near Beijing. Thinking to herself that she has no idea what's in the safety deposit box just that her boss wants it, Silk returns to her now-employer Black Cat, who she is working with despite their earlier antagonism, who scolds her for showing mercy and tells her that being good is bad for business. She first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (April 2014) and was created by Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos. [47], Cindy gained similar abilities to Peter Parker when she was bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave him his abilities, though her spider-sense (dubbed by her as "Silk Sense") is far stronger than Peter's. Still feeling guilty for Nguyen's death and angered with Woo's machinations, Amadeus quits the team but reassures Silk that his comm will still be open to her. While they have their fake fight for her to prove herself, they observe a strange shimmer which the two trace … [21], It is revealed that Hector actually died (while Cindy was being held in the bunker) when a neighbor attempted to summon a demon in his apartment block, resulting in him wandering the Material World and only able to manage tangibility when in combat. Silk helps the citizens find shelter as Brawn and Namor use their powers to weaken the tsunami. When Ikdea and Wave announce their intention to side with the Sirenas, the disagreement escalates into a brawl between the two parties. When she encounters Gwen and her counterpart, she uses her technology to take away Gwen's powers. Afterwards, Peter and Cindy go to the Fact Channel's news station where they are attacked by Black Cat and Electro. While Silk is easily able to dodge Electro's lightning bolts thanks to her "hyper-spider-speed and senses," Spider-Man isn't as lucky. [37], Shortly after the War of the Realms event, Silk and a few members of the new agents are seen in Madripoor fighting one of Sindr's remaining Fire Dragons, where they encounter Isaac Ikeda, the self-proclaimed "Protector of Pan", who uses his technologically advanced weaponry to slay the dragon and teleports away with its corpse. Summary: Spider-Man and Silk aren't necessarily pals right now, but they've got no choice but to work together when they accidentally travel back in time to just BEFORE they got their spider-powers! [30], Silk joins several other Asian American superheroes (Hulk (Amadeus Cho), Shang-Chi, Ms. Marvel, Jimmy Woo and S.H.I.E.L.D. [11] When Spider-Man wants Silk to be among those to accompany him to gather the other spider-themed heroes, Old Man Spider-Man of Earth-4 advises that Silk should stay behind. The three aid the Red Knight. By Paul Yang Sep 04, 2020 For everything. [28], Following the incident, Cindy quits her job at the Fact Channel and contemplates what she wants to do with her life. Unbeknownst to the agents, their actions are being monitored by Jimmy and Mr. Lao, the dragon adviser to the Atlas Foundation. Synopsis (Thanks to Comicvine): Spider-Man and Silk aren't necessarily pals right now, but they've got no choice but to work together when they accidentally travel back in time to just BEFORE they got their spider-powers! [9], Seven years later during the "Original Sin" storyline, Spider-Man is exposed to the energies of the Watcher's eye. The Amazing Spider-Man & Silk: The Spider (fly) Effect (Infinite Comics) Genres: Superhero. Brawn talks down the combatants and confronts Woo over the secrets that he's withheld from the team. [42], In the Atlantis Attacks storyline, Silk and the other New Agents of Atlas are summoned by Brawn during his confrontation with Namor.

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