ergon smc sport gel saddle review

From tip to tail, the saddle measures 285mm long, and … I haven’t used the original Ergon MTB saddle, but did spend some time on their old SR3 saddle and liked it overall. It feels firm to the touch--a little softer than the other saddles I've tried, but not "gel squishy." Please try again later. Ergon offers three different models of the SMC4 saddle - the SMC4, the SMC4 Sport Gel, and the SMC4 Comp Gel. 4. Quick question regarding setup. I actually had the original Ergon MTB saddle, which looked great on paper, but never got a long with it. Personal saddle preference varies wildly and while everyone has their favourite, I believe the Ergon SM Sport Gel for women will quickly become a crowd favourite. Accurate results can be provided by the Ergon 3D-Sitbone-Measurement which can be found at many Ergon retailers. I was about to give up on finding a saddle I could get along with on 60 plus mile gravel rides. It’s been my saddle of choice on several road bikes and ultimately the Open UPPER for gravel, road and everything in-between. This one was a complete miss … Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 3. Next. If you’ve been put off by gel saddles that are more like pillow top mattresses, check out Ergon’s SMC4 Sport or Comp Gel models. Great Idea, Poor Execution!!!! The small design is still a little wide though, which causes pressure, and it's heavy – but it is decently robust. Share - Ergon SMC Sport GEL Saddle - Stealth Mens Medium/large. The saddle is light, but a bit heavier than most of the others I've tried. Yeap, we're up in your social medias too. I have a 85 mile gravel race with the SR Pro Carbon this spring with no issues. Right away I could literally feel my sit bones hanging off the edge of the saddle and while the saddle itself was still comfortable, I was feeling the chafing on the inside of my sit bones. Ergon constructs the SMC4 Sport Gel with sturdy CroMo rails paired with a nylon composite shell. TiNox rails and a comfortable shape make the SR Comp Men a winner. SM Enduro Saddle - Men's (5) 5 reviews with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. As you read, the SR is great and I’m now putting miles on the SM. I measured for a medium/large saddle yet had originally been sent a small/medium. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel Saddles reviews and prices. £59.29. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. See how the Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel rates. Features Ergonomic flat shape for greater pressure dist Ergon has based their design philosophy around sports ergonomics, the focus being optimizing performance while minimizing discomfort. $79.95. If you lean towards the endurance side of mountain biking, the Ergon SMC4 could be your butt’s new best friend. Based on the popularity and success of the SM Men saddle series comes additional models for 2020, which are further refined for even more comfort! The shape of the saddle and the cover work in concert to get me right into the sweet spot. Currently, running 700C/40c wheels and just amazed how smooth the bike rides in just about all gravel conditions. When the wider saddle arrived, the difference was obvious and it reinforced the importance of finding the right fit. Hands down the best bike that I have ever ridden! ... SMC Sport Gel Saddle - Men's (10) 10 reviews with an average rating of 5.0 out of 5 stars. The gel extends all the way up the nose for some extra padding for the lady bits. A comfortable choice for MTB rides, the women's Ergon SMC Sport Gel saddle features a flat profile, large contact area and thick, soft orthopedic foam with gel pads. Next ride was 40 miles of gravel on the Niner RLT 9. Ergon. Posted in: I then adjusted it slightly after a couple of rides. I've also learned a few things about bike saddles. It is an approximate value, which can diverge from the actual measurable value. The saddle has 2 size options, small/medium, which is 143mm at its widest point and a medium/large, which measures 155mm. Great recommendation and really loving this saddle! Ergon designed this saddle to be a bit shorter based on the fact that women generally have a shorter cockpit setup than men and it gives more space when getting on and off the bike. Ergon lists the Sport Gel’s weight at 315 gram, but my (large) review sample came in at 301 grams. £28.99 - £39.95. The Ergon SM Women's short nose and raised rear make for easy positional changes. No problems. The gel pads throughout the saddle add some suppleness to a nice firm platform. Overall, the quality of this saddle is solid. 5. © 1999-2021 All rights reserved //, Crunchy Recovery: Honey Stinger Cracker Protein Bars, Essentials: Bontrager Thermal Knee Warmers Review, Canyon Endurace CF SL Disc 8.0 Di2 Review, Simplify Your Cockpit: Shimano EW-RS910 Junction Box Review, Reynolds Assault SLG Carbon Wheelset Review, Santa Cruz Chameleon R Aluminum 29 Review, Ridley Forza R45-19C Disc Wheelset review, Timberland Courma Guy Waterproof Boots Review, Shimano GRX RX810 1x Gravel Groupset Review, Review: Goodyear Eagle F1 700×30 Tubeless Tires, Review: Affinity Cycles Carbon Fiber Tire Levers, Zipp Tangente Course G40 Gravel Tire Review, GORE R7 Partial Gore-Tex Infinium Hooded Jacket Review, Win Rigoberto Uran’s Cannondale SystemSix from 2020 Tour de France, Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM GPS Bike Computer Review, Falling Relief Channel, optimized for men, Rear mount compatible for bags, cameras or lights, Standard, TiNox rails are mounted in a jiffy, A bit heavy (lighter models are available). Right off the bat, the most noticeable thing about this saddle was how wide the seating area felt. While saddles are understandably personal, the Ergon SR Comp Men saddle has quickly become one of my favorite saddles. See how the Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel rates and read other Saddle reviews. An easy way to size yourself up is to sit down on your second step onto a piece of cardboard or aluminum foil, then measure the center distance of your sit bone divots. I tried out the Ergon SMC Sport Gel last night for a short 20 minute ride around the neighborhood. I simply set it on top of the Fabric Scoop Shallow I had on there and positioned it accordingly. I say that with quotes because more and more saddles are of the shorter variety these days, like the PRO Stealth, Specialized Power Expert and Bontrager Aeolus Elite. Ive had the Ergon on my trail bike for a few months now and I've been very pleased with it. In fact, more than any other saddle, I can stand up and sit down in the perfect position every time. I tested the SMC4 Sport Gel in medium width. Ergon SM Women saddle performance This is a very comfortable saddle, which is in no doubt partly due to the ample, dense foam padding, which … Ergon SM Comp Men Saddle Review. Spectacular. Thanks to Ergon for providing the saddle for review. The ERGON SMC Sport Gel men’s saddle for mountain biking unites comfort and dynamic response for even more flow on the trail. Sometimes, the results are painful, sometimes the results are numb and other times they are a bit of both. Components - Saddles, Get the latest industry news direct to your inbox. All Performance saddles are delivered free to the UK mainland*, 365 day returns & Price Match. The microfiber cover and overall construction quality is superb. Based on the popularity and success of the SM Women saddle series comes additional models for 2020, which are further refined for even more comfort! Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel Saddle reviews. I have Ergon Grips on my fitness bike so decided to give this a try since my original Brooks Cambium did not have a cut out. This really is a great saddle! SMC Saddle Series A quick lap on the local trails after work, a bikepacking overnighter or an memorable trip to a mountain biking mecca, our new SMC MTB Comfort Series is tuned to keep you happy and keep you riding longer. Thanks to the standard TiNox rails, mounting it up was a breeze. The SMC features a … We’ve all been there and Ergon is aiming to eliminate that with this new saddle. The Ergon SMC Sport Gel Women's mountain bike saddle is a brand new perch designed to best distribute pressure from the female pelvis. We feature a small staff of savvy, experienced writers who love to review outdoor gear. The Comfort MTB saddle for Men featuring Gel Pads. 3 product ratings. I mounted it to my Niner RLT 9, which stays on the trainer, at minus 1 degree and started a workout. Ha! The SMC feature It’s an attractive design, very sleek and simple, available in the always practical black as well as a fun “berry” colour. 3 product ratings. Review | The Ergon SM Pro Men’s Saddle Wins A Singletrack Recommended Award Rarely do mountain bike saddles attract the attention they truly deserve. women's specific With the correct size selected, the wide platform provides ample support. 0 users rated this 4 out of 5 stars 0. Ergon SMC Sport Gel Saddle: First Ride Review Bikepacking Gear / Components Ergon’s newly announced SMC MTB Comfort Series saddles are specifically designed to solve long-ride comfort problems for mountain bikers and bikepackers alike. The calculation of the virtual sit bone width is based on a scientific study. That passion is channeled into every article or gear review he writes. Despite a shorter nose, I never felt like I was running out of space if I needed to slide forward on aggressive climbs and found that extra width on the nose really came in handy here as no one enjoys a bike saddle wedgie. The hollow channel down the middle is well designed to extend far up to the nose to relieve pressure on those soft tissues yet is still flanked with enough of a surface to support your hip bones when in a more aggressive climbing position. As an experienced cyclist I get it...the seat either works for you or it does not. And, even during long stints in the saddle, blood flow has continued without even a hit of numbness. Ergon SMC Sport GEL Saddle - Stealth Mens Medium/large. The seat surface at the rear is quite flat and it gives the illusion of more space without actually having a larger surface area. Ergon SR Comp Men Saddle Review By Jason Mitchell on April 5, 2019 13 Comments After releasing several women’s-specific models, Ergon’s engineers have launched two new men’s-specific saddles for road and mountain biking. It remains comfortable in all riding positions and instantly locks you into the sweet spot for optimal pedaling power. Features Large sitting area of the saddle effectively reduces pressure points, distributing the pressure equally across the sit bones Relief channel with comfort foam and OrthoCell pads makes for a great ride. or at least if the new saddle is a redesign? Immediately I knew this saddle was different than all the others I’ve tried. The Ergon SMC Sport Gel Men's Saddle is further refined for even more comfort. Shown here is the smaller of the two. Saddles – MTB / Endurance Select Riding Style All Comfort / Touring Core / Twinshell Downhill E-Bike Gravity / Trail Men MTB / Endurance Road / Gravel Women Sort By Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, old to new Date, new to old The Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel won me over with its large, comfortable seating area and racy look, despite the extra grams it carries. [Forum] Loam Lever. Find out more about the Ergon SM Women's Saddle. Utah's Wasatch Mountains are his playground. The rear of the Ergon SM is slightly raised to give continued support when on steeper climbs or in a forward climbing position yet did not hinder me in any way on rowdy descents when trying to get behind the saddle. After innovating in women’s-specific and comfort saddles, it was time to push the reset button on their men’s performance saddle line. Tags: Gear, 6 months ago I thought id try one more saddle and ordered the SR Pro. That infatuation continues as he founded this site in 1999 -- sharing his love of road biking, mountain biking, trail running and skiing. As with many new saddles, the SR Comp is shorter than a “traditional” saddle. CURRENTLY SOLD OUT. I did get a little bit of rubbing in my inner thigh because of that extra width in the transition area but I think this is going to be specific to the rider and at this point the benefits outweigh the negatives. I have yet to have the sort of numbness I've experienced down there on rides in the past, so major bonus points for that one. Overall, I have been extremely happy with this saddle’s ability to enhance my ride experience and am so grateful to have had my eyes opened to the importance of saddle fit. After releasing several women’s-specific models, Ergon’s engineers have launched two new men’s-specific saddles for road and mountain biking. After over 1000 miles aboard this saddle, I’m sold. It features Orthopedic foam that is thicker and softer and creates a large contact area. I never read directions… but this little pamphlet rolled out and for some reason caught my interest… Yes, I typically follow the same rules for saddle leveling but thought I would double-check. Great review as always! No reservations going that route at all! Color options are Stealth (black) or Berry. Since 1999, we have delivered in-depth gear reviews, articles and content. If you’re looking for the mountain biking equivalent of this one, check out the Ergon SM Comp. Ergon put years of research and development into their women’s saddles before launching them last year and all that hard work really shows in the Women’s SM Sport Gel saddle. Buy Now. I look forward to trying 650b in the future, but loving this setup at the moment. Dear Uncle Dave: How do you Keep a Secret Bike, Secret? The orthopedic foam is thicker, softer and creates a large contact area. Extensive ride time has confirmed a Goldilocks fit. Ergon SMC Saddle £59.99 or available with 0% APR finance on baskets over £99. Ergon, This unit is just slightly wider and with a padding that feels 50% greater based on feel as compared to Ergon SM Sport. I’ve had the SR Comp Men aboard the 2019 Trek Emonda SLR Disc. saddle, And while standing and peddling, the saddle offers the space you need with the necessary support and control. The Ergon SM Women's saddle features a pressure reducing channel and wide platform for increased comfort. It looks Ergon revamped the saddle at least aesthetically. Buyer’s guide to mountain bike saddles 3 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 3. The Ergon SMC4 Comfort bike saddle offers excellent comfort and relief for touring riders and mountain bikers. $89.95. I find that I can definitely ride longer without feeling like I'm riding on a saddle made of concrete, & 20+ mile rides are enjoyable. With a wide-ish nose, the SR Comp does well on long, aggressive efforts in the drops too. The orthopaedic foam of the SMC series is thicker and more cushioned than that of Ergon’s successful SM saddles, and the wide gel pads further reduce the stress on sit bones. This Ergon SMC4 Gel beats them all. It has a 9mm deep center relief channel orthopedic comfort foam gel inserts and a larger sitting area to help the rider maximum comfort. The benefits are plentiful with a locked-in power position and wider nose to go along with a large cutout to maintain blood flow. Do you know by chance how this saddle compares to the original? With a flat profile, large contact area and thick, soft orthopedic foam with gel pads, the men's Ergon SMC Sport Gel saddle is a comfortable choice for MTB rides. External links to Amazon, REI, Backcountry and other retailers include affiliate codes that give us a small commission on each sale. ... Ratings and Reviews. Ergon put years of research and development into their women’s saddles before launching them last year and all that hard work really shows in the Women’s SM Sport Gel saddle. The Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel saddle maximizes comfort with a 9mm perineal relief channel, flat seating surface and the addition of broad gel pads. Here are Miles’ first impressions after a handful of rides on the Men’s SMC Sport Gel Saddle. My actual measurement is 120mm, which puts me at the low end of the M/L saddle, but experience has taught me to size up with confidence. The SM Women is padded in two different versions. It also has a slightly wider relief channel compared to the Ergon Sm sport saddle. As with all saddles, getting the proper width is key. Just curious, which version would you recommend for Gravel bike? SM, To contact us or learn more, go to our About Us page. After standing efforts, I always sit right down into the perfect power position and have pedaled for miles without even a tinge of numbness. This will actually go on my Open UP, which I absolutely love!!! Ergon has based their design philosophy around sports ergonomics, the focus being optimizing performance while minimizing discomfort. While the SR Comp is Ergon’s entry-level trim, you wouldn’t know it from looks or performance. The Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel Saddle features the same foam padding and general shape as Ergon's comfort-minded SMC4 saddle with the addition of gel pads for a boost of ride-smoothing comfort. Instructions… who reads those? 5.0. You could nit-pick about a few little things, but as a true one-bike-quiver, it’s as good as it gets. It may be a little nose-down (1-2 degrees). I leveled it as I do all saddles — from the top of the nose to the top of the tail. I see that you reviewed both SM and SR Ergon saddle. Whether it's a mountain or road bike or something in between, your saddle is key to a great and comfortable ride. Ergon provides an online saddle selector, where you input some basic information: riding preference, height, weight and hip circumference. Each model is available in one of two widths: medium or large. I’m glad my backside isn’t the only one that appreciates it on every ride. A native of the Pacific Northwest, Jason quickly developed a love for the outdoors and a thing for mountains. As a fairly “adaptable” rider, I just sucked it up and figured that everyone’s butt hurt and their nether-regions went numb when riding! From there it will come up with the correct saddle and size for you. These new designs SR and SM are completely different in every way. Saddles Select Riding Style All Comfort / Touring Core / Twinshell Downhill E-Bike Gravity / Trail Men MTB / Endurance Road / Gravel Women Sort By Featured Best selling Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Price, low to high Price, high to low Date, old to new Date, new to old However, when other high-end saddles are selling for $150-$200, Ergon’s offerings look all the more attractive. Nothing is more unsettling than having your nether-regions go numb on a long ride. women, I never read directions… but this little pamphlet rolled out and for some reason caught my interest… Yes, I typically follow the same rules for saddle leveling but thought I would double check. Thanks for your comment. Paul777. The Ergon SR Comp Men’s saddle is their new entry-level road saddle that’s packed with features and optimized for comfort. Versus the SM Men, the SMC Series has thicker orthopedic foam, is softer and creates a large contact area. SFC3 Gel Saddle seat, By Jason Mitchell on August 21, 2019 0 Comments. It wasn’t until an overnight ride when the extra weight on my back and extra time in the saddle led to that disconcerting but familiar numbness. 🙂. Mated with a variety of bib shorts and chamois, the SR Comp’s cover works quite well. Finding that right saddle can literally be a painfully numb process. Ha! Redesigned from the ground up for and by singletrack-loving women, the Ergon SM Sport Gel bike saddle has large gel pads for comfort on tours, all-mountain and enduro rides. You read that right… no numbness. Saddles are very personal, but these new Ergon’s are really nice. Ergon SMC Sport Gel Saddle: Rider Review Our "Rider Review" article series features the honest reviews from verified purchasers of Worldwide Cyclery. Charge Spoon Cromo Rail Cycling Saddle 4.7 out of 5 stars 614. Then again, perhaps nobody really wants to … Ergon's renowned R&D has paid off here and I'm really digging this new saddle. Only 3 left in stock. The “SM Sport Gel Women” has large gel pads in the seat and genital area and is the “extra comfort version” for … Notably, the subtle, angled lines help keep my backside in the right position. The most important consideration with saddles is finding the right size. The paper instructions included indicate leveling the saddle from the front 1/3 of saddle which leaves a very generous whale tale. Ideally, if you have access through a local shop to get your sit bone width measured, you can input your measurement and get a more accurate result. This was the most educational part of this process for me as I opted to ride the smaller saddle until the appropriate size arrived. After a couple more rides I knew this saddle was for me and ordered the SR Pro Carbon for my Allied Able. The saddle comes in 2 sizes, S/M (143mm) and M/L (155mm). Compared to most saddles, this is a slightly shorter saddle with a wider transition area and nose and a generous cut out. I’ve ridden a ton of bikes and the UPPER is easily my favorite of them all because it does everything so darn well. Ergon’s business is helping cyclists of all types feel more comfortable and function at their best on two wheels. So stoked for you, my friend! I’m so happy to be out of the saddle market. I’ve had the SR aboard an Open UPPER all summer long and it’s a fantastic perch for gravel. Ergon. Ergon SMC4 Sport Gel Saddle A comfort oriented performance saddle that is fighting the good fight against saddle soreness.

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