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& B.Sc. The course can be offered as a generic elective subject under the Choice Based Credit System in universities and affiliated colleges as suggested by UGC. MAHAVIDYALAYA, CHANDIKHOLE, JAJPUR (SYLLABUS) GENERIC ELECTIVE PAPERS (GE) Zoology - CBCS PATTERN SEMESTER-I GE-1: ANIMAL DIVERSITY (NON-CHORDATE), PHYSIOLOGY AND ENDOCRINOLOGY Max. Computer Science Department of Computer Science . +91 33 2350 3862 generic definition: 1. shared by, typical of, or relating to a whole group of similar things, rather than to any���. students are free to choose any Science subject as a GE in 1st and/or 2nd year according to availability of a limited number of reserved seats. Student manual for online Google Meet class: Students user manual for e-learning portal: Online Class Notice: Notice Regarding 2nd sem & 4th sem: 6th Semester Online Examination Routine These Elective Courses can ��� Learn more. Generic Elective (GE) (4) I . This is a substantive course on Intellectual Property. Sol Third semester Most Important Video || Change your Generic Elective Subject ! A. Delhi University notifies 40 elective subjects for Discipline Ability Enhancement Courses 2020 (Hons./Gen.) Generic Elective (GE) course can be chosen by the student from other branches of the faculty of Home Science, with an intention to seek exposure and Knowledge beyond the specialization of their choice. Unique Paper Code Description 4th December Wednesday *Generic Elective Applied Psychology I 12115901 Community Psychology I 12115902 Psychology for Living I 12115903 Diagnostics Psychology I 12115904 Environmental Psychology It is to be noted that student admitted in one department's course has to study the Generic Elective paper being offered by other department. GE 2 . : A core course offered in a discipline/subject may be treated as an elective by other discipline/subject and vice versa and such electives may also be referred to as Generic Elective. Manufacture and industrial applications ��� Generic Elective papers for Semester 1 ; 2020-21 It talks of how societies participate in war and violence at times actively and at times by their sheer silence. As an example, a student admitted under B.Sc. A student admitted in a particular department has to opt for the Generic Elective (GE) Course offered by other departments. ii) Generic Elective (GE) Course : An elective course chosen generally from an unrelated discipline/subject, with an intention to seek wide exposure, is called Generic Elective. 6. The list of GE (Generic Elective) courses offered by various departments for Odd Semester 2020-2021 session is ��� In short a very stimulating course that invariably leads to very exciting classroom discussions! Honours) Honours Subject (Core) Generic Elective Subjects Semester Subjects Physics I & II Mathematics III & IV Chemistry/Computer Science/Statistics Physics (Non-honours) Revised. 2nd Generic Elective 2nd Generic Elective Code AECC 1 AECC 1 Subject Code 1st Generic Elective Code Honours / Major 1st Generic Elective 6 digit PIN State name Country Name Honours or Major Subject Code Country Name Address (a) Pin 6 digit PIN State Subject_Master Subject_Master Subject_Master GE 1 GE 2 GE 3 GE 3 Code AECC 2 ENVS Present Address Note : Honours in any one subject of the Humanities Division and any two other generic elective subjects taking at least one from the Humanities ��� Chemistry Department of Chemistry. GENERIC ELECTIVE UHU006: INTRODUCTORY COURSE IN FRENCH L T P Cr 3 0 0 3.0 Course objectives The objective of the course is to introduce to the students: The basics of French language to the students. Generic Elective (GE) Paper/Subject offered in Semester I of Academic Session 2020-2021 # initiating CBCS / Subject Selection process. GENERAL) (2020) 4 CREDITS: 2020: Download The procedure is given below. SUBJECT COMBINATIONS OFFERED BY THE COLLEGE (2020-2021) A) Undergraduate Honours Course in Science (B. Sc. It talks of how our identities are a matrix of various subject positions. Elective definition: An elective post or committee is one to which people are appointed as a result of winning... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Note: You cannot choose your Honours subject as a Generic Elective. education for all directorate of distance & continuing education utkal ��� FACULTY OF SCIENCE, THE MAHARAJA SAYAJIRAO UNIVERSITY OF BARODA B.SC-II GENERIC ELECTIVE AND FOUNDATION SUBJECTS Merit Number Name OF Student PRN Subject Sem-III Basket 1 Sem-III Basket 2 Sem-IV Basket 1 Sem-IV Basket 2 Sem-III Found 1 Sem-III B.A. (Prog.) It assumes that the students have minimal or no prior knowledge of the language. Introduction to Programming (Theory and Practical) II . (H) Mathematics programme can���t opt for the Generic Elective ��� To help them acquire skills in writing and speaking in French, comprehending written and spoken French. An elective course chosen generally from an unrelated discipline/subject, with an intention to seek exposure is called a Generic Elective. Generic Elective (GE) Course: An elective course chosen generally from an unrelated discipline/subject, with an intention to seek exposure is called a Generic Elective. If it is ���Pending��� contact helpline number(s) immediately. Subject Code: Subject Name: Remarks: Batch: Syllabus (PDF) ECS120A: ENGLISH COMMUNICATION SKILLS (FOR ARTS GENERAL) (2020) 4 CREDITS: 2020: Download: EVS120A: ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE (FOR ALL STUDENTS OTHER THAN B. However choice of Arts subjects for Generic Elective has to be determined by the combinations given below. Generic Elective courses like, Principles of Micro Economics or New Venture Planning, etc. GE 1 . Modalities of selecting GE by a student of Honours/ General programme shall be as ���Generic Elective��� is a course to be chosen by a student from a discipline/subject OTHER THAN his/her major department, with an intention to seek exposure beyond his/her major discipline/ subject. Note: Students have to appear in only one paper listed under Generic Elective. What is Generic Elective? (Uni. B.A. Like all other Elective subjects (namely Elective I,II, and III) Elective IV also introduces to you 3 or 4 options from which you can choose any one subject as your subject for Elective IV. The course shall give a brief overview of the IP landscape in India. Information Security and Cyber Laws (Theory and Practical) V ; VI . For B.A. Economics Department of ��� Chemistry - Generic elective subject - PETROCHEMICALS 70 Marks (External) Total : 45 Hrs 30 Marks (Internal) Time : 3 Hrs. Ability Enhancement Courses (AEC/SEC): Generic Elective (GE) Course: An elective course chosen generally from an unrelated discipline/subject, with an intention to seek exposure is called a Generic Elective. Exam) UNIT ��� I Topic-1: 9 Hrs Petrochemicals obtained from C3-cut of petroleum. Semester I Students are required to select their General Elective Paper per Semester for Semester I, II, III & IV. Elective courses of interdisciplinary nature (to be offered by main discipline/subject of study). Intellectual Property Rights soon to be available as a generic elective subject in varsities following UGC's directions, universities in the state gea '-Tons (B.Sc f}fons (B. Com Hons eneric Elective (Part-I (11 Exgmination May-2020 Students Admitted under Credit Based Choice System (CBCS) in Year-2019) TIME OF COÞMENCEYENT 3 : OOPM Meant for all Regular students of the Colleges of the University, School of Open of Economics) Introduction to Database Systems (Theory and Practical) III ; GE 3 . GE 4 . Business Organisation and Management. Introductory Microeconomics (Dept. Scottish Church College 1 & 3 Urquhart Square, Kolkata - 700 006. Honours. : Applicants should keep track of the "e-counseling list" option below. P.S. The student should have secured at least pass marks in the subjects selected as General elective. West Bengal, India. The Generic Elective Subjects are to be selected on the basis of Subject studied in class XII preferably. Online Ecounseling of various subjects (as per availabile vacancies) has started. It shall also dwell into the role of IP in the modern intangible economy. Core AECC Generic Elective Any One out of given below: 1: Understanding Political Theory: Environmental Science/Communication/ (Any one out of the four given below) English A/B/C Hindi Tamil A/B/C Urdu A/B/C: 1. Open elective can be of great value to all students if properly utilized. Generic Electives. UNIVERSITY OF DELHI Date-Sheet or (B. . Computer Networks and Internet Technologies (Theory and Practical) IV . Generic Elective Papar Code: Notice Regarding Generic Elective subject choice for 3rd sem arts,science (hons) & 5th sem Arts program only. Commerce Department of Commerce . Generic Elective (GE) Paper/Subject offered in Semester I of Academic Session 2020-2021 Generic Elective 2020. BA/ B.Sc/B.Com (CBCS English) and English Literature for Generic Elective (GE) for students majoring in subjects other than English and Discipline Specific Core (DSC) for students pursuing BA without any major (Honors) subject is pleased to submit its Report. A Guide to Understanding and Choosing Generic Elective Subjects By DU Beat July 25, 2019 The University of Delhi (DU) provides the honours students with the opportunity of studying an elective subject of their preference along with the major subjects. P.S. GENERIC ELECTIVE (GE) PAPERS FOR 2020-21 The newly admitted students in all Honours courses are required to exercise their option for Generic Elective Papers in Semester-I and Semester-II respectively. Subject Sem.

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